Local Heroes: What’s Your Emergency?

This family-friendly exhibition takes visitors through the story of a local Nor’easter, and how Fairfield’s local heroes, our first responders, team up to keep our communities and residents safe.  

With the threat of high winds, flooding, loss of power, and other challenges that Nor'easters bring, Fairfield’s emergency services employees are well-trained to work together to proactively assist and provide resources in these difficult, and often surprising, storm situations.   

Through illustrated scenes by Fairfield County illustrator and artist Christine Kornacki, the exhibition’s story introduces family visitors to the childlike anticipation and excitement of a snowstorm, followed by the reality of storm preparations, both at home and with the local leadership of Fairfield’s emergency services team. With interactive components, families can learn together how to address and prepare for emergency situations, as well as acquaint themselves with the town’s Emergency Management Team. The story shares how the Team works together, what happens when the nor’easter brings an emergency situation, and the support citizens receive when dialing 9-1-1. The exhibition addresses the different ways that the Fire Department, Police Department, Public Works, and Community Emergency Response Team help to keep Fairfield residents and town services managed and safe.  

The exhibition’s illustrated story integrates a fictional nor’easter with images and artifacts of Fairfield's historic and contemporary first responders. Items on display will include photographs of past storm responses, including the infamous Halloween nor’easter (2011), Superstorm Sandy (2012) and the damaging hurricanes of 1938, 1954-55, and 1960. Emergency equipment and tools, personal uniforms and accessories, local oral histories and scrapbooks from the Museum’s collection and outside loans from both the Fairfield police and fire departments, will help to highlight just how important emergency support services are in Fairfield – and how they have changed over time.