Getting Ready for a Storm: 96-Hour Timeline 


Three to four days before a nor’easter hits Fairfield, the Fairfield Fire Department is: 

  • Checking vehicles and fuel supplies to make sure they are ready to respond 
  • Monitoring the storm’s path and potential impact  
  • Confirming shelter locations 


Two to three days before the storm is forecasted to hit, the Town will launch the Emergency Operations Plan. This includes: 

  • Tracking the storm and sharing updates  
  • Preparing stations and staging equipment for the impact of the storm 
  • Coordinating medical response with AMR 
  • Updating the Town website and Emergency Management hotline 
  • Safeguarding boats moored in water 


1-2 days before the storm’s expected landfall, the Emergency Operations Center has been staffed. 

  • Staging critical equipment and staff for recovery after the storm 
  • Coordinating locations of emergency vehicles, ambulances, and supplies  
  • Briefing on the status of shelters, traffic, and healthcare needs  
  • Coordinating response from outside agencies 
  • Issuing frequent releases about the storm’s progress and potential impact 


During the storm: 

  • Overseeing evacuation procedures if called for by the First Selectman 
  • Monitoring damage to critical facilities and utility outages 
  • Patrolling beaches and water  
  • Directing rescue operations and property conservation  


After the storm 

0-24 hours 

  • Conduct rescue and recovery operations; account for all persons from affected areas 
  • Provide medical assistance and coordinate medical response 
  • Announce public safety issues to public 
  • Assess damage and determine restoration priorities 
  • Perform after-action reviews, lessons learned, and necessary reports 
  • Contact Employee Assistance Program to provide counseling and assistance to employees