Storm Preparations

Prepare for the Storm 

Nor’easters bring high winds, flooding, cold temperatures, and heavy rain and snow. When this kind of storm is in the forecast, people at home and first responders with the Town of Fairfield begin to prepare for emergency situations.  

At that time, most every little farm along here was self-supporting in a way.  Most men worked in the factory here.  But if they didn’t, they had their little farm.  They had about six or seven cows here at that time.  George Shoad had six or seven.  All the little farms along, or little places, had cows, one or two, pigs, and chickens.  So, they were pretty self-supporting.  A little something in the cellar - apples and potatoes and stuff to carry on through the winter or a snowstorm. - John Fanton [1959]