Finding Your Helpful Heroes 

How can you find help? 
In case of an emergency, meaning the dangerous or perilous event is happening RIGHT NOW, always dial 9-1-1. 

Did you know they can contact you? 
Fairfield uses CodeRED to communicate local alerts to you during emergency situations.   
Sign up for CodeRED! It’s easy.  

Text keyword FairfieldAlerts to 99411 from your smartphone. You can also sign up online at 

  • For town wide emergency, storm, or incident-related Informational updates, you can call (203) 254-4899. 
  • For all non-emergency calls and business, you can contact: 
  • Town of Fairfield Police: 203-254-4800 
  • Town of Fairfield Fire: 203-254-4700  

Find Fairfield’s Emergency Services  
This map of the Town of Fairfield points to locations in town where help can be found during an emergency situation.  
Remember, in case of emergency, the fastest way to find help is to call 9-1-1! 

  • Can you find the nearest fire station to our location? 
  • Can you locate an emergency shelter?  
  • EVACUATION ROUTE: See: Fairfield-2014-Hurricane-Evac-map.pdf