Raising Fairfield's Houses

Home Elevation graphic Flooded Home Elevating a house-1

Superstorm Sandy transformed Fairfield’s beach neighborhoods. Over sixty homes in these flood-prone areas have been elevated since the storm, and many others have been torn down for future rebuilding to meet FEMA flood zone specifications.

As in other shoreline communities in Connecticut, raising and rebuilding homes has been much more appealing to residents and town officials than the idea of pursuing FEMA buy-outs of frequently flooded properties. Federal and state grants, along with changes to flood insurance rules put into effect before Sandy hit the state, provide incentives for homeowners to elevate their property.

FEMA’s flood zone maps depict today’s flood risks and therefore do not reflect increased risks of flooding with potential future sea level rise. Homeowners who are considering elevating or rebuilding their property should consult town building officials, and understand that future risks may be different from today’s.