Uncle Sam Wants You! Fairfield and the Great War

How did government-sponsored messages about The Great War affect those who lived through it?  Posters, publicity campaigns, and censorship of critical viewpoints were an important aspect of the federal government’s efforts to inspire support and sacrifice on the home front. This exhibition explores these messages and how they influenced people in the Fairfield and Bridgeport area, where war time manufacturing made the city into a boom town.

Wartime posters and broadsides for local patriotic rallies, calling on citizens to purchase Liberty Bonds, volunteer for overseas service, or conserve food for the war effort, will be on view, along with newspapers, letters, uniforms and memorabilia from people from Fairfield who served “over there” and on the home front.

This exhibit was on display at the Fairfield Museum and History Center from September 28, 2017 - February 5, 2018. 


Curated by Laurie Lamarre and Elizabeth Rose. Design by Margaret Middleton.