Helen W. Glover: Home Front Organizer, 1857-1935

Helen Glover Helen Glover's Red Cross Training Certificate

Glover's Red Cross training certificate bore the signature of President Woodrow Wilson, who served as the honorary president of the organization.

Red Cross- instructions for making bandages

Women in Fairfield's Red Cross chapter followed these instructions to make bandages during the war. (Click on image for more)

Helen Glover played a key part in organizing the Fairfield community to support the war effort during World War I. The wife of a prominent lawyer and judge, and the mother of four children, Glover made time to play a leading role in several organizations.

During World War I, she was involved in the Fairfield War Bureau and in the Connecticut Council for Defense, a statewide effort to coordinate war activities on the home front. As chair of the town’s Home Economics Committee, Glover was particularly involved in efforts to maximize food supply through home gardens, canning, and preservation. She was also involved with the Fairifeld chapter of the American Red Cross, which played a key role in supplying materials for American troops as well as civilians overseas during the war.