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Talkin' 'Bout My Generation

This exhibition explores how the changing culture and politics of the 1960s and 1970s touched people in our local area. Events on the national stage – such as the civil rights movement,  the assassinations of public figures, the war in Vietnam, the women's movement, urban riots and campus unrest, the space program, and Watergate  – echoed in the lives of people in and around Fairfield. The music and culture of this era, along with its political and social transformations, helped shape the world we still live in today. 

"Talkin' 'Bout My Generation" was on view from March 31-September 17, 2017 at the Fairfield Museum. 

Uncle Sam Wants You! Fairfield and the Great War

Uncle Sam Wants You.jpg

How did government-sponsored messages about The Great War affect those who lived through it?  Posters, publicity campaigns, and censorship of critical viewpoints were an important aspect of the federal government’s efforts to inspire support and sacrifice on the home front. This exhibition explores these messages and how they influenced people in the Fairfield and Bridgeport area, where war time manufacturing made the city into a boom town.

Wartime posters and broadsides for local patriotic rallies, calling on citizens to purchase Liberty Bonds, volunteer for overseas service, or conserve food for the war effort, will be on view, along with newspapers, letters, uniforms and memorabilia from people from Fairfield who served “over there” and on the home front.

This exhibit was on display at the Fairfield Museum and History Center from September 28, 2017 - February 5, 2018. 

Wonder Women of Fairfield


Women have played a key role in shaping the community of Fairfield and beyond over the years. Past generations of women faced many barriers to taking a place in public life: in the nineteenth century they were barred from voting, higher education and the most respected professions. In the twentieth century, women’s choices continued to be limited, and it was rare to see a woman executive, senator, doctor, or professional athlete.  

Despite these barriers, women found opportunities to contribute to the community and the nation. The Fairfield women presented here are just some of the many women from the area who left a mark through their public achievements in politics, business, community service, and entertainment.  By reaching beyond the expectations of their times, they created not only new paths for themselves, but also new opportunities for the women who would follow. 

Wonder Women of Fairfield was on view at the Fairfield Museum from February 27-April 28, 2014.