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prohibition crop.jpg
LEFT: Alcohol Bottle (1920-1925) from Luin Switzer's pharmacy.
CENTER: Perry's Cider Brandy Bottle (1935-1944).
RIGHT: Glass Liquor Bottle (1956) reads "FEDERAL LAW FORBIDS One Quart".

fur coat crop.jpg
Elwood Hand of Southport may have been keeping up with fashion trends by wearing the fur coat and hat in this photograph. Full-length raccoon coats became an important item for men during the 1920s, and while they were especially seen on college…

orange fur crop.jpg
Shawls, capes, and scarf coats were a popular choice worn over sleeveless evening gowns. This deep apricot velvet evening coat has dolman sleeves, and a dyed fox fur collar. It is sophisticated and rather high end with its reversible rust gold…

peacock blue crop.jpg
This Georgette, heavily beaded dress, was worn by a member of the Ira Follett Warner family of Fairfield.
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