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Raised Infrastructure RBD 2 (1).jpg
A drawing from the design process for Bridgeport's National Disaster Resilience Competition, showing how raised infrastructure can integrate with existing buildings.

FEMA home elevation.png
A FEMA illustration of the benefits of elevating houses along the shoreline.

An elevated house after completion of the process.

A house in Fairfield after Superstorm Sandy

A self-regulating tidegate in open position.

A self-regulating tidegate in closed position.

A self-regulated tide-gate being built.

HC hc-as-3sandy-aerial.jpg
Aerial view of Fairfield showing flooding after Superstorm Sandy

3C1-TNC-Guidebook Photo #6 Page 9.jpg
A "community resilience building workshop" in Darien, 2014, organized by the Nature Conservancy.
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