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Fairfield Trust Company Building, Fairfield, Conn.

Jennings Beach 1955.jpg
Color postcard of people on the beach, with striped sun umbrellas.

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808 Old Post Road

The Unquowa Hotel was built in 1868 by industrialist James Mott, who sold his mansion after financial problems. The building changed hands many times, including a turn as the Hargrove School for Boys, before being sold in 1913 to…

Postcard of the Fairfield Beach landscape and houses, c. 1900.

Fairfield Beach.jpg
Colorized postcard showing people enjoying the beach.

Fairfield Beach_1.jpg
Postcard of Fairfield Beach Pavillion and arbor

Sunnieholme RoseGarden1.jpg
Color postcard of rose garden at Sunnie-Holme, Annie B. Jennings' estate.

Color postcard of the foxglove border in the gardens at Sunnie-Holme

Sunnieholme RoseGarden2.jpg
Color postcard of the rose garden at Sunnie-Holme, showing the grass pathway with rosebushes.

Fairfield Beach postcard.jpg
Colorized postcard of Fairfield Beach, c. 1932
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