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Fairfield Beach.jpg
Colorized postcard showing people enjoying the beach.

Fairfield Beach_1.jpg
Postcard of Fairfield Beach Pavillion and arbor

Jennings Beach 1955.jpg
Color postcard of people on the beach, with striped sun umbrellas.

Sunnieholme RoseGarden1.jpg
Color postcard of rose garden at Sunnie-Holme, Annie B. Jennings' estate.

Color postcard of the foxglove border in the gardens at Sunnie-Holme

Sunnieholme RoseGarden2.jpg
Color postcard of the rose garden at Sunnie-Holme, showing the grass pathway with rosebushes.

Fairfield Beach postcard.jpg
Colorized postcard of Fairfield Beach, c. 1932

Early 20th-century postcard, titled "Penfield Reef Light, Fairfield, Conn." showing people on balcony of lighthouse and rowboats in the water.

Early 20th-century postcard, titled "R.R. Station, Fairfield, Conn." shows front of station, with a horse and buggy and an automobile in the driveway.

Black and white postcard titled "Campers, Fairfield Beach. Fairfield, Conn." Shows large tent-like structures used to provide temporary shelter at the beach. An American flag and a pavilion are also pictured. Although Fairfield's beach became a mecca…
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