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  • Collection: Mabel Osgood Wright Photographs

Osborn-Jennings-Lonsdale, Osborne Hill

"Lilac House" in Aspetuck (Fanton Home).

Redfield House

95 Mill Plain Road

This house was built by Augustus Jennings in 1760. It was spared during the burning of Fairfield in 1779 by Mrs. Lucretia Redfield who put out four fires. In 1956 the home was demolished to make way for a…

506 Jennings Road

The Gold Selleck Silliman house was built by Gold Selleck Silliman in 1756. Silliman later served as a General in the Revolutionary War. In 1779, Silliman was captured by the British and later exchanged for other prisoners.

39 Meeting House Lane

The Dey house was built by Reverend Richard Varick Dey in 1823.

Sgt. John Smith's House

1177 Cedar Road

Sgt. Smith's house was allegedly built around 1690. If the date is correct, then that makes it one of a few existing examples of 17th century buildings. Sergeant John Smith was the original owner of this…

Twelve Men and Women sitting on a stairway.


Gershom Hubbell House

1081 Hillside Road

The Gershom Hubbell house was built in 1751 by Gershom Hubbell. It was one of the houses that survived the burning of Fairfield in 1779. Dr. Timothy Dwight used the house as a school and chapel while the…

Osborne House

670 Kings Highway West

The Osborne house was built by Howes Osborn in 1775. In 1890 the home was remodeled. The home was the site of the founding of the Sasquanaug Association in March of 1887 or 1888. The association was aimed at…
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