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A backyard view at a house on Old Mill Road. The photo was probably taken around the late 1880's.

Fairfield Cong. Church burned Spring 1890.tiff
On May 30th, 1890 the fifth church building that stood on the Fairfield Congregational Church grounds burned to the ground. The fire was presumed to be started by an arsonist in a small chapel inside of the church.

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Sturges Cottage.tif
Sturges Cottage

449 Mill Plain Road

Sturges Cottage was built in 1840 by Jonathan Sturges, a successful merchant from Southport. Joseph C. Wells designed the home and it had central plumbing before the White House did. Additions were added to…

Smith House 10.tiff
Smith House

365 Old Mill Road

The Smith house was built in 1709 by John Osborn, a captain in the Fairfield County Troop and Deputy for Fairfield in 1699. The House was remodeled during the mid-19th century, which is what this photograph shows.…
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