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Eva Follett Warner and Ira F.jpg
Eva Follett Warner and her son Ira F. Warner (who was born in 1901) in about 1910 or 1911.

martha and george washington party group portrait.jpg
(As written on the back of the photo)

Martha and George Washington Party
in Entertainment in Greenfield Hill Church in the gay '90s [1890s]

Ada F. Jennings, Lady Washington
Walter Merwin, George Washington
Samuel Wakeman - Hulls Highway…

MarthaW - wm.tif
A Lady and George Washington party, held at Mr. and Mrs. Simon Bradley's Redding Road home in May 1890.

Left: Elizabeth Bradley
Center: Ada F. Jennings
Right: Elva Banks

The Party was a benefit for Greenfield Hill Congregational Church.

Osgood_Rev - wm.tif

Prominent New York minister with Church of the Messiah and was known for preaching at Pulpit Rock in Fairfield. He spent his summers in Fairfield at his home, Waldstein. He was also a prominent writer. Father of Mabel Osgood Wright.

Alexander Nichols 01.jpg
Alexander Ramsey T. Nichols, born May 23, 1838 and died 1900. He was the son of Samuel and Susan Nexsen Warner Nichols. He married Charlotte Beers and served as a Greenfield Hill politician and member of the State Legislature.

Ida Miller moved to Fairfield after the Civil War and eventually owned land and a home with her husband William H. Miller, on the east side of Round Hill Road. Her style of dress suggests that the family enjoyed a comfortable standard of living. She…

Ely S Parker in uniform photo sm - wm .tif
Ely S. Parker was a Seneca Indian chief who served as a key aide and secretary to General Ulysses S. Grant during the Civil War. He wrote out the final draft of the Confederate surrender at Appomattox.

After his service, he went on to be the…

Mary Allis (b. March 2, 1899 in Cleveland; d. May 8, 1987 in Fairfield) was the owner of the Ogden House in Fairfield and a celebrated antique and folk art collector and dealer.

Abram and Marguerite Sturges.jpg
Abram B. Sturges, born about 1847 and died 1923, is listed in the Bridgeport City Directory as a physician between 1896 and 1919. He is pictured here with his wife, Marguerite.
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