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A portrait of Timothy Dwight (1828-1916), grandson of Timothy Dwight of Greenfield Hill.

Portrait of Reverend Peter Bulkley

Helen Wardwell Glover portrait

annie b jennings.jpg
Annie B. Jennings Portrait

"Pop" Mercurio and Dom Jr. holding horses outside; wagon and barrels in the background

Mercurio's Market was founded in 1900 by Domenic Mercurio Sr., who used to sell fruits and vegetables door-to-door from a horse and wagon. The original storeā€¦

Burr Family.jpg
Burr family reunion at Fairfield Beach, 1906, at "Quiet" cottage

AE Jennings Memorial Room Portrait.jpg
Portrait of Annie B. Jennings (Memorial Room portrait)

Black and white portrait of Annie B. Jennings, seated, with two white dogs

President Ronald Regan delivering a speech during his visit to Fairfield, 1984.

A portrait of the Anti family, who immigrated from Hungary to Bridgeport in 1906. Pictured: Janos, Katalin Varga, Maria (Mary), and Janos (John) Anti.
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