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Benjamin W.jpg
Benjamin Wyrtzen of Fairfield left high school at the age of 17 to enlist with the Army’s ambulance corps. Serving in France in 1917 and 1918, he got this engraved mess kit from a soldier who had learned engraving while being held in a German prison…

service placard.jpg
Service flags, sewn by family members, were displayed in a front window during World War I to indicate that a son was serving in the military. Blue stars, like the two on this small placard, indicated a family member in active military service, and a…

navy cape.jpg
Parsons was among the first women to serve in the Navy as Yeoman F (Female) in the Naval Reserve. "Yeomanettes" like Parsons served in clerical roles, as radio operators, nurses, messengers, and mechanics. Since the Navy had not made any provision to…

sword bayonet.jpg
This bayonet was produced at Remington's Bridgeport plant. It was designed to go with the .30 caliber Enfield rifle, patterned after a 1913 British rifle.

YMCA uniform.jpg
Florence Jennings Burr, a Fairfield librarian, served as part of the YMCA's support operations in Paris in 1919, organizing the voluminous files at the YMCA headquarters with the American Expeditionary Forces. YMCA workers provided key support to…

welcome home.jpg
Welcome Home cut-out letters, made for Theodore Burr of Fairfield

loving cup.jpg
At the end of the war, veterans from Fairfield presented this "loving cup" to Harriet (Mrs. Henry) Glover. In addition to all her Red Cross work of sending supplies to the troops, she wrote a letter every day during the war to each soldier from…

john fray's diary.jpg
Diary kept by John Fray while serving in France in the 102nd American Infantry, Company H, Fray was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross “for extraordinary heroism in action at St. Hilaire, France, September 18, 1918. While under heavy enemy…

Sergeant John Fray, Distinguished Service Cross,.jpg
Fray received the Croix de Guerre from the French government for his heroic action; he is wearing both these medals in this photograph.

military helmet.jpg
Military Helmet used by John Halfpenny, 1st Lieut., Co. B., 302 Engrs, A.E.F., containing a field message book, 9 pencils and pens, one eraser, and a map of the French countryside
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