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dog tags.jpg
Dog tags and engraved canteens of Benjamin Bulkley Wyrtzen

Alice Smith medals.jpg
Alice Orme Smith, who would later become a successful landscape architect in Fairfield, served as a nurse with the Red Cross at a base hospital in France from 1917-1919. Red Cross nurses provided much of the medical care for American soldiers in…

John Fray.jpg
Fray received the Croix de Guerre from the French government for his heroic action; he is wearing both these medals in this photograph.

huntington uniform.jpg
David H .S. Huntington of Southport enlisted as a Private First Class in December 1917 and served in England and France, returning home in 1919.

military bag.jpg
Canvas bag containing thre groups of cord, one dust mask, two sewing kits with needles & buttons, and one thigh (?) belt. Item has initials "E.W." on side.  *Bag may contain other individually accessioned items

defeat Kaiser.jpg
Defeat the Kaiser and his U-boats”, “Eat less Wheat’
Poster showing a dark figure [Kaiser?] and a U-boat, with a burning vessel sinking in the distance.

the ships are coming.jpg
Poster showing a large eagle flying above ships setting sail for a distant shore in flames.

nothing stops these men.jpg
“Nothing stops these men, let nothing stop you”
Poster showing soldiers wielding bayonets, with American flag and flame-lit sky above.

sure well finish the job.png
Poster showing a man in hat and overalls reaching into his pocket; he wears buttons from previous Liberty Loan campaigns.
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