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The John Osborne House is one of the oldest structures in Fairfield, dating back to at least the early 1700s. Captain John Osborne once lived in this house.

Smith House 10.tiff
Smith House

365 Old Mill Road

The Smith house was built in 1709 by John Osborn, a captain in the Fairfield County Troop and Deputy for Fairfield in 1699. The House was remodeled during the mid-19th century, which is what this photograph shows.…

Ogden House

1520 Bronson Road

The Ogden house was built around 1700. Jane and David Ogden moved into the house in 1750. The home survived the burning of Fairfield in 1779. The house was given to the Fairfield Historical Society in 1973 to be…

A woman in colonial costume (believed to be a member of the Wakeman family) at the Osborne House.

909 Kings Highway West

The Osborne house was built by John Osborne in 1673. The house was expanded in 1702. The house is assumed to be the oldest…
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