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St. Marc Hotel

556 Old Post Road

The St. Marc hotel was built in 1848 as The Fairfield House. The building traded hands several times until it was purchased by George Wells, who renamed it The St. Marc Hotel. The hotel was very fashionable for…

Gould Homestead0001.jpg
Gould Homestead

426 Post Road (originally 172 Post Road)

The Gould Homestead was built in 1841 by Captain John Gould, a mariner. His daughter Elizabeth B. Gould made it into a vacation home for working women in 1908. It was demolished in 1955…

750 Harbor Road0001 copy.jpg
Oliver Perry House

750 Harbor Road

The Perry house was built around 1843 by Oliver Perry. Perry was a member of the Connecticut General Assembly in 1847-1849, 1853, 1857, 1860, and 1864. He was the Connecticut Secretary of State in 1854 and…

Sturges Cottage.tif
Sturges Cottage

449 Mill Plain Road

Sturges Cottage was built in 1840 by Jonathan Sturges, a successful merchant from Southport. Joseph C. Wells designed the home and it had central plumbing before the White House did. Additions were added to…

1050 Old Academy Road

The Bradley-Baldwin-Birckhead house was built in 1752 by Squire Samuel Bradley Jr.. Bradley acquired the land around 1751 as a gift from his father, Samuel Bradley Sr. The house was remodeled around 1842 and again in 1921,…

James B. Thompson house

383 Old Post Road

The James B. Thompson house was built in 1847 by John B. Steenbergen and still stands today.
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