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Chapter II, The Little Apple.jpg
Chapter II, The Little Apple

63 Unquowa Road

Pictured here are Wendy Stewart, left, and Diahann Phillips, right, the owner and manager respectively of the fashion boutique Chapter II, The Little Apple.

Bill's Pipe Shop.jpg
Bill's Pipe Shop

2173 Black Rock Turnpike

Owner Bill Wellner opened Bill's Pipe Shop in 1986.

Storm Damage - wm.jpg
Storm damage to the Sauna Club at Penfield Pavilion

Knapp House0001.jpg
Knapp Homestead

632 Knapps Highway

The Knapp homestead was built by the Knapp family in 1830. The property was passed down to Charles Knapp who ended up losing it through stock failures. At one point the house was owned by Gustave Whitehead, an…

President Ronald Regan delivering a speech during his visit to Fairfield, 1984.
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