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Hurricane 1938 Beach Wreckage.jpg
Fairfield residents survey a home on Fairfield Beach which was torn apart by the destructive force of the infamous 1938 storm.

Beach Damage 1954 Hurricane copy.jpg
Damage caused to beachfront property on Fairfield Beach by the Hurricane of 1954.

Fairfield Beach 1954 Hurricane.jpg
Two women walk amidst the destruction inflicted upon Fairfield Beach by the 1954 hurricane.

beach dikes 1954 hurricane.jpg
Dikes constructed to protect Fairfield Beach hold against the pounding of the 1954 hurricane.

Beach Road Area 1953 Hurricane.jpg
A pair of men posing for a photo as they wade through the flooding in the Beach Road area caused by the hurricane of 1953.

Beach Road 1953 Hurricane.jpg
Beach Road during the hurricane which struck Fairfield in the fall of 1953.

Three in a boat: Mr. Glover, Annie B. Jennings, and Mrs. Walter James

Henry S. Glover, with baby on the beach.

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Burr Family.jpg
Burr family reunion at Fairfield Beach, 1906, at "Quiet" cottage
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