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303 Beach Road Bulkeley House0001 copy.jpg
Nathan Bulkley House

303 Beach Road

The Bulkley house was built in 1750 by Nathan Bulkley. Bulkley was an advocate for independence and signed Articles in 1774 with other town leaders to break ties with England. The house was set ablaze by the…

249 Beach Road, Tucker House0001 copy.jpg
Tucker House

249 Beach Road

The Tucker house was built by Isaac Tucker in 1766 and is one of the few houses that was spared during the burning of Fairfield in 1779. A hole in the floor is still there to show that the house was fired upon. An…

205 Beach Road0001 copy.jpg
Fowler House

205 Beach Road

The Fowler house was built in 1784 by Stephen Fowler. Fowler had bought the land where the house sits in 1783 from John Hobart. Fowler chose the location because it would soon carry on many community activities since…

289 Beach Rd_001 copy.jpg
Hobart House

289 Beach Road

This home was built by Justin Hobart in 1765. It was left standing during the burning of Fairfield in 1779. Meetings and court was held at the home until a church was built in 1785. During World War I it was used as…

Hurricane 1953.jpg
A man carrying another man on his back, in standing water outside a house. Beach Road area, November 1953.
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