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bradley's store watermark.jpg
The store of Henry Bradley, located adjacent to his home at 1681 Hillside Road.

1050 Old Academy Road

The Bradley-Baldwin-Birckhead house was built in 1752 by Squire Samuel Bradley Jr.. Bradley acquired the land around 1751 as a gift from his father, Samuel Bradley Sr. The house was remodeled around 1842 and again in 1921,…

Baldwin House

105 Meeting House Lane

The Baldwin house was built by Zalmon Bradley in 1750. Before 1800, Bradley's sister Sarah and her husband Dudley Baldwin expanded the house. Dudley's brother Abraham (who was a noted political leader) lived…

A man with hunting dogs, labeled with "Dogtown."

Zalmon Bradley was the president of the Fox Hunters' Club of Fairfield which was founded in 1867. Here he poses with his dogs.
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