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The estate of the Bronson family, located at 2970 Bronson Road. The estate and home later became the site of the Fairfield County Day School.

3104 Bronson Road0001.jpg
Cobb House

3104 Bronson Road

The Cobb house was built before 1773 by Dr. David Rogers. The house burned down in 1957.

Pomeroy House0001.jpg
Pomeroy House

3171 Bronson Road

The Pomeroy house was built in 1757 by Reverend Seth Pomeroy. After Pomeroy died, ownership passed to Captain David Hubbell who turned it into a store until it was purchased by Reverend William Belden in 1812.

3113 Bronson Road0001.jpg
Blakeman House

3113 Bronson Road

The Blakeman house was built in 1822 by Rufus Blakeman and served as a station on the Underground Railroad during abolition days. The house was renovated during the 1930s.
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