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Exterior view of Washington School

Students at the Washington School, 1930.

Students at the Greenfield Hill School (Dwight School), with A. Maria Wakeman, assistant teacher.

DwightSchool - F1_mf_001.jpg
Beginning at left:
W.E. Gardner, Principal
Etta Perry, Assistant
Emma Jennings
Ed. Heferon
Julia Brown
Clarence Thorp
Helen Jennings
Wesley Burr
John Meeker
Mamie Merwin
Ike Banks
Burr Hill
Perry Beers
Jessie Price
Clarence banks

Dwight School - F1_mf_002.jpg
The first Greenfield School, that once stood on the Green. Built 1725 or earlier, probably abandoned about 1845.

Deerfield School_mf_001.jpg
A photograph of the Deerfield School building, built in 1771 on the east corner of Burr and North Streets of cedar shingle.

Exterior view of Washington School
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