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Hurricane 1938 Fairfield Trust.jpg
Tree damage and debris around the Fairfield Trust Company building following the passage of the 1938 hurricane.

Hurricane 1938 tree on house.jpg
Fairfield residents work together to remove a tree knocked over onto a house by the 1938 hurricane.

Hurricane 1938 Reef Road.jpg
The large-scale flooding caused by the hurricane of 1938 left Reef Road entirely below water.

Hurricane 1938 Beach Wreckage.jpg
Fairfield residents survey a home on Fairfield Beach which was torn apart by the destructive force of the infamous 1938 storm.

Beach Damage 1954 Hurricane copy.jpg
Damage caused to beachfront property on Fairfield Beach by the Hurricane of 1954.

Fairfield Beach 1954 Hurricane.jpg
Two women walk amidst the destruction inflicted upon Fairfield Beach by the 1954 hurricane.

beach dikes 1954 hurricane.jpg
Dikes constructed to protect Fairfield Beach hold against the pounding of the 1954 hurricane.

House Debris 1954 Hurricane.jpg
Visible here is the rubble of a house destroyed by the 1954 hurricane.

Riverside Drive 1953 Hurricane.jpg
A view looking east into Riverside Drive, which was flooded by the 1953 hurricane.

Quincy St 1953 Hurricane.jpg
A view of the floodwater on Quincy Street in the wake of the 1953 hurricane.
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