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Disbrow's Market - Main Street, Southport - 1880 - owner & dog Prince.jpg
Pictured here is the owner of Disbrow's Market, Fred Disbrow. He is accompanied by his dog, Prince.

Disbrow's interior- safe.jpg
The Disbrow Store's safe.

Disbrow's interior- counter.jpg
Disbrow's Store

A photograph of the interior of Disbrow's Store. The store was located on Main Street, Southport.

D+J Sports.jpg
D + J's Sports was located on 25 South Benson Road. This photo was taken June 3, 1971. The store has since closed.

Clampett's 1977.jpg
Clampett's Drug Store

Clampett's Drug Store was located at the corner of Reef Road and the Post Road. Shown in 1932 by other photos in the Fairfield Museum's Omeka catalog, Clampett's Drug Store continued to serve the community more than 40 years…

Caldor Department Store

290 Tunxis Hill Road

An illustration of the Caldor store located at 290 Tunxis Hill Road. Caldor was a chain of department stores located in New England, with their headquarters in Norwalk, CT. The chain went out of…

bradley's store watermark.jpg
The store of Henry Bradley, located adjacent to his home at 1681 Hillside Road.

Betts Store Pre 1884.jpg
This store was owned and operated by Mr. Moses G. Betts, who founded it around 1844. A general store for the town, the store stood at Flint's Corner, the intersection of Oldfield Road and the Old Post Road. Betts ran the store until it burned down…

Pantry Pride.jpg
Pantry Pride Grocery Store

425 Post Road

The building visible in this photo is the Fairfield branch of the Pantry Pride supermarket chain. The supermarket chain grew into national prominence beginning in the 1920s, and declined and eventually…

Pomeroy House0001.jpg
Pomeroy House

3171 Bronson Road

The Pomeroy house was built in 1757 by Reverend Seth Pomeroy. After Pomeroy died, ownership passed to Captain David Hubbell who turned it into a store until it was purchased by Reverend William Belden in 1812.
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