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Two trolley motormen pose with Bridgeport's State Street trolley.

Trolley Bridgeport Oak Street.jpg
Two trolley motormen pose with the Bridgeport Oak Street trolley.

Trolley Bridgeport Aug 1895.jpg
Bridgeport citizens riding a trolley in the summer of 1895.

Trolley Bridgeport Park Ave.jpg
Photo of Bridgeport citizens with a trolley taken on Park Avenue during the winter.

Fairfield Ave Trolley.jpg
Motorman Szymanski stands with Car No. 1944, a yellow trolley-car produced by Brill Manufacturing Co. This picture was taken on the intersection of the Post Road and Miller Street.

The trolley's route led it up Fairfield Avenue to Ash Creek and…

Stratfield Trolley.jpg
Pictured here is one of Fairfield's trolleys running to the Stratfield neighborhood. The trolley has just crossed Jackman Avenue.

stratford trolley.jpg
Trolley car No. 1479, constructed from wood by the Osgood Bradley Company and painted yellow.

Pictured here is motorman Patrick Collins standing with his trolley car on the Post Road at Miller Street. The Kilbourne-Sauer Co. building is visible…

Norwalk Trolley.jpg
One of Fairfield's trolley cars headed toward Norwalk. The No. 1941 car is pictured here at speed near the Pequot Monument in Southport.

Brill Manufacturing Company produced the car, which was colored yellow.

Brooklawn Trolley.jpg
Pictured here is Car 1751 of the Fairfield trolly service. The car is on the bridge between North Avenue and King's Highway, the boundary between Bridgeport and Fairfield.

This particular trolley route ran from East Main Street in Bridgeport to…

The Connecticut Co., Steel Passenger trolley car built by Brill MFG, Co. color-yellow.

Car 1944 and Motor Man Szymanski posing in snowfall on Post Road and Miller Street.
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