Strawberry Knop Latten Spoon


Strawberry Knop Latten Spoon


This spoon, made in London of copper and zinc alloy,
uses a triple spoon motif as a touch mark or maker’s
mark. But since the register of makers’ marks was
destroyed, we have no way of associating this mark
with its maker. Spoons knopped (referring to the end
of the handle) with a fruit, like this one, were called
“Strawberry Knops,” and were common between
1450 and 1700.
This spoon was found in an archaeological dig directly
on Fairfield’s Town Green, between the Sun Tavern
and the back of the Fairfield Museum. During the
17th century, the land and housing was owned by
Reverend John Jones and his wife Susanna (1644–
1681), and then by Thomas Bennet (1681–1719).


17th Century


Fairfield Museum and History Center


Sun Tavern Archaeological Collection