Make Your Mark

On walls, on objects, on the human body, on paper…what does it mean to stamp your label, leave a paint stroke, sign your name, or sew a stitch?

The deep human need to leave a mark on the things we make and the places we live has been a constant throughout history, though the form it takes varies widely. This exhibition explores how people – whether quilters, silversmiths, graffiti artists or painters - leave their creative marks on their communities. Past craftspeople, leaders, and ordinary people left marks behind on their creations, demonstrating pride in their accomplishments and documenting their social connections. Contemporary artists today also seek to leave a lasting impression and even transform communities through their works of art.

This exhibit was on view from February 14 - September 15, 2019.

With special thanks to Theodore Bresky, Frankie Frieri, John Paul O’Grodnick, Seth Kaller Inc., and Liz Squillace.


Curated by Laurie Lamarre, Diane Lee, and Elizabeth Rose. Online exhibit by Catie White.