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Postcard of Elwood Stokes Hand's estate located in Southport, Connecticut

From an article in the Bridgeport Post about the construction of the new public golf course.


IT Movie.jpg
Clara Bow in an Elinor Glyn-Clarance Badger Production "IT" with Antonio Moreno.

Letter_from_the_president_philadelphia_record (2).jpg
"Letter from the President," Philadelphia Record (1915)

"Lilac House" in Aspetuck (Fanton Home).

nothing stops these men.jpg
“Nothing stops these men, let nothing stop you”
Poster showing soldiers wielding bayonets, with American flag and flame-lit sky above.

Hun Things (2).png
Across the country, these fears also led to large-scale deportations, attacks on foreign-language newspapers and magazines, and hostility towards all things foreign or politically radical (including immigrant organizations, newspapers, and…

sure well finish the job.png
Poster showing a man in hat and overalls reaching into his pocket; he wears buttons from previous Liberty Loan campaigns.

"The Burrow," Long Lots Road.

the ships are coming.jpg
Poster showing a large eagle flying above ships setting sail for a distant shore in flames.
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