20th Century School

Roger Ludlowe High School Cheerleaders Andrew Warde HS Basketball Game

Andrew Warde Basketball game.

Roger Ludlowe High School Show

Roger Ludlowe High School show, 1980

Roger Ludlowe High School Graduation

Roger Ludlowe High School graduation, 1983

The 1940s was the first decade when nearly everyone attended high school, providing a common experience and peer culture. While Fairfield’s early high school classes were very small, by the 1950s the town had to add a second high school in order to accommodate the growing population.

In Fairfield and around the country, high school became a major shaper of teenagers’ lives, socially as well as academically. As they educated more students, schools were expected to offer something for everyone, from clubs and dances to sports and vocational training. Students often formed identities as part of a “clique,” whether they were called jocks, nerds, preps, or greasers.