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Fairfield Beach.jpg
Colorized postcard showing people enjoying the beach.

The "Anchor" cottage and others on Fairfield beach.

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The Birdcraft Sanctuary was created by pioneer conservationist Mabel Osgood Wright in 1914. With Annie B. Jennings' gift of 10 acres of land, Birdcraft became the first-of-its-kind songbird sanctuary in the nation, and formed the basis for the…

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Color postcard of Bronson Avenue

Postcard showing Post Road and exterior of Community Theatre, with parking in front.

The Community Theatre was opened in 1922. The building was built on a swamp known as Hyde's Pond. As a result of this, the foundation had to be stabilized by…

Fairfield Beach postcard.jpg
Colorized postcard of Fairfield Beach, c. 1932

Black and white postcard titled "Campers, Fairfield Beach. Fairfield, Conn." Shows large tent-like structures used to provide temporary shelter at the beach. An American flag and a pavilion are also pictured. Although Fairfield's beach became a mecca…

Postcard of the Fairfield Beach landscape and houses, c. 1900.

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Fairfield Trust Company Building, Fairfield, Conn.
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