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Fairfield Beach - wm.jpg
Fairfield Beach, July 18, 1973

Storm Damage - wm.jpg
Storm damage to the Sauna Club at Penfield Pavilion

Penfield Pavilion - 11.23. - wm.jpg
The Penfield Pavilion on November 23, 1976.

Postcard of the Fairfield Beach landscape and houses, c. 1900.

Annie B. Jennings (in bandana) swimming at beach.

Mrs. Tomlinson at the beach

The Fairfield Beach Club: three women and a man in front of a sailbout. Annie B. Jennings is on the left.

St. Mary's by the Sea in Black Rock was built in 1893 by New York stockbroker Thomas Pearsall in honor of his wife, and the log-walled chapel was used for about nine years. Pearsall's house was on the bluff just uphill from the chapel. The chapel was…

Black and white postcard titled "Campers, Fairfield Beach. Fairfield, Conn." Shows large tent-like structures used to provide temporary shelter at the beach. An American flag and a pavilion are also pictured. Although Fairfield's beach became a mecca…

Early 20th-century postcard, titled "Penfield Reef Light, Fairfield, Conn." showing people on balcony of lighthouse and rowboats in the water.
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