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MarthaW - wm.tif
A Lady and George Washington party, held at Mr. and Mrs. Simon Bradley's Redding Road home in May 1890.

Left: Elizabeth Bradley
Center: Ada F. Jennings
Right: Elva Banks

The Party was a benefit for Greenfield Hill Congregational Church.

840 Verna Hill Road-2.jpg
Built in the 1930's by Leo McCormick on 4 acres of land that formerly belonged to Frederick Bronson II.

243 Verna Hill Road.jpg
Property of S.R. Barmore. A Greenfield Hill Historic House.

Hulls Farm School.jpg
Hulls Farm School in Greenfield Hill.

Cross Highway School-1.jpg
Cross Highway School House as it looked in 1925. Used as a dwelling on property of Sam B. Ogden.

Wilson's Mill School_mf_001.jpg
The Wilson's Mill school which was build about 1897. In that year the school wagon plan was adopted and many small schools were closed. This building stood opposite Wilson's Mill, so it would have been on the west side of Congress St. across from…

Deerfield School_mf_001.jpg
A photograph of the Deerfield School building, built in 1771 on the east corner of Burr and North Streets of cedar shingle.

Children and oxen pictured outside the home of Isaac Milbank, a gunsmith, and his wife Mary Nichols Milbank. The house on Bronson Road (at the corner of Old Academy) in Greenfield Hill was built in the 1880s, on the site of an eighteenth-century…
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