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Bulkey's Auto Station.jpg
A truck from Bulkley's Auto Station. Bulkey's Auto Station was located in Southport and run by B. F. Bulkley, Jr.

Ye Set a Spell0001.jpg
Ye Set-a-Spell Tea House

935 Harbor Road

The tea house was built in 1810 by Eleazer Bulkley. The tea house operated until 1950 when it was demolished.

824 Harbor Road0001 copy.jpg
William Bulkley House

824 Harbor Road

The William Bulkley house was built in 1766 by William Bulkley. The house was spared by the British in 1779 because Bulkley's wife provided hospitality to British troops.

303 Beach Road Bulkeley House0001 copy.jpg
Nathan Bulkley House

303 Beach Road

The Bulkley house was built in 1750 by Nathan Bulkley. Bulkley was an advocate for independence and signed Articles in 1774 with other town leaders to break ties with England. The house was set ablaze by the…

Ice blocks were floated to this icehouse, and loaded onto a conveyor which moved them into storage. The ice was insulated with sawdust to help it last until it was needed for household iceboxes. The Bulkley family operated the Sasaco Lake Ice…

Feeding horses at Bulkley's Livery Stable on Old Post Road.
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