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osborn house 2.png
The John Osborne House is one of the oldest structures in Fairfield, dating back to at least the early 1700s. Captain John Osborne once lived in this house.

House Debris 1954 Hurricane.jpg
Visible here is the rubble of a house destroyed by the 1954 hurricane.

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480 Old Post Road

The Sherman Parsonage was built in 1816 by Judge Roger Minoit Sherman, who served the state in the Assembly, Senate, and Supreme Court. In 1848, following his will, the house became the parsonage for the First Ecclesiastical…

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808 Old Post Road

The Unquowa Hotel was built in 1868 by industrialist James Mott, who sold his mansion after financial problems. The building changed hands many times, including a turn as the Hargrove School for Boys, before being sold in 1913 to…

187 Westway Road-1.jpg
187 Westway Road, Historic house in Southport

766 Old Post Road0001.jpg
Francis Brewer Home School for Boys, 766 Old Post Road.

The Francis Brewer Home School for Boys was built in 1800 initially as a private residence. Brewer bought the property in 1891 and turned it into a school. The school was around for 18 years…

Dimon House

536 Old Post Road

The Dimon house was built in 1825 by Daniel Dimon, a carpenter and Revolutionary War veteran. The house was owned by the Dimon family until 1911 when it was purchased by James T. Roche, who turned the house into a…

Meeker Merwin House0001.jpg
Meeker Merwin House

698 Merwins Lane

The Meeker Merwin house was built in 1780 by Meeker Merwin. Ownership of the house ended up with his son, Benjamin Merwin, who eventually passed it down to Morris Meeker Merwin. Morris served the town as a…

1619 Post Road0002.jpg
Frederick Hurd House

146 Sherman Center(formerly 1619 Post Road)

The Hurd house was located at 1619 Post Road until 1939 when it was moved to its present location in order to make way for a supermarket.

Knapp House0001.jpg
Knapp Homestead

632 Knapps Highway

The Knapp homestead was built by the Knapp family in 1830. The property was passed down to Charles Knapp who ended up losing it through stock failures. At one point the house was owned by Gustave Whitehead, an…
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