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480 Old Post Road

The Sherman Parsonage was built in 1816 by Judge Roger Minoit Sherman, who served the state in the Assembly, Senate, and Supreme Court. In 1848, following his will, the house became the parsonage for the First Ecclesiastical…

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808 Old Post Road

The Unquowa Hotel was built in 1868 by industrialist James Mott, who sold his mansion after financial problems. The building changed hands many times, including a turn as the Hargrove School for Boys, before being sold in 1913 to…

Sunnie-Holme, 375 Old Post Road, was built in 1909 by Annie B. Jennings, a wealthy philanthropist who helped open the first high school in Fairfield. The mansion was the site of an expansive rose garden that Jennings opened up to the public in 1915.…

Unquowa Hotel( circa 1920)

808 Old Post Road

The Unquowa Hotel was built in 1868 by industrialist James Mott. Mott was the founder of the Mott Manufacturing Company which specialized in manufacturing rubber carriage bodies. In 1879, Mott was…

This house was owned by Oliver Burr Jennings (the father of Annie B. Jennings) and was later moved to become part of Sunnieholme.

Rowland-Moran house

952 Old Post Road

The Rowland-Moran house was built by Andrew Rowland in 1760. The house was spared by the British during the burning of Fairfield in 1779 because of an act of courtesy to a British officer years before.…

The Burr Homestead.

James B. Thompson house

383 Old Post Road

The James B. Thompson house was built in 1847 by John B. Steenbergen and still stands today.

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Old Post Road looking east toward Bridgeport. At left is Red Cross building. Benson House at end.

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The former King's Highway, later Old Post Road at Turneys Creek Bridge, looking west. "The Lynch Home," Fairfield.
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